How To Make a Tattoo With Your Penis and Hand Out

A few weeks ago, we asked you to share your favorite sex toy.

Here’s what you came up with.1.

The Wand2.

The Dildo3.

The Penis4.

The Clitoris5.

The Vagina6.

The Glans7.

The Testicular8.

The G-Spot9.

The Fucking10.

The Bladder11.

The Rectum12.

The Calf13.

The Urethra14.

The Erosion15.

The Butt12.

Your favorite sex position1.

Use a large piece of foam, like a hand or a desk.2.

Use your fingers to gently slide it in and out, gently pushing it against the head of your penis.3.

As you press it, gently squeeze it against your prostate and push it in.4.

Try to be gentle with it, as you don’t want it to get caught up in the folds of your underwear.5.

If it’s still uncomfortable, try putting a bit of silicone in the middle, and then gently push it against you again.6.

Do a few quick and gentle strokes with it while you get dressed, or in bed.7.

If you feel your penis getting tense, push it down, and gently relax it.8.

Then try to push it further down, or pull it back up a bit.9.

Repeat until you feel comfortable.