How to make your own HP printer software project

How to build a printer using HP software and hardware and how to make a printable file for it.

What you need: HP printer software and HP hardware. 

A 3D printer. 

An Arduino board with a programmable microcontroller. 

USB cable. 

Paintbrush and paint. 

Wire cutter. 

Small plastic container.

How to do it:1.

Download and install HP printer program HP software: HPprint.exe  2.

Open the HP software HPsoftware.msc3.

Select the program you wish to create. 


Enter the printer name in the “Name” field. 


In the “Details” box, select the option to print the file with the printer software.5.

Close the HPsoftware.exe window.

How to build your own printer software:1.)

Download and Install HP printable files for your printer:  HPprints.exe  2.)

Open the HP printable program HPprogram.exe3.)

Select the option you wish the printer to print. 


In a new window, select “Print” and select the files you want.6.

Close HPprogram.exs window. 

7. Open the HPPrintSoftware.msp file HPprinters.msps 8.

Open “HPPrint.dll” HPPRinters.exe.9.

Click the “Print to” button. 


In this example, we are printing a printout from our HP printer to a 3D printed object.11.

Close this program window.12.

Open your HP printer HPPrinters.dll. 


Open a 3d model of your printer and open the “Print.xlsx” documentation HP.xlsm 14.

In the documentation document HP, select your model, print the model, and then save it to your desktop. 


Click “Save” to close the documentation.


You can also open your HP printer in a print preview window to see how the printer works.17.

Now open HP printer program.exe and click “Run”.18.

In your browser, navigate to

Click on the “Start” button in the HPprinters program window and then select “Run HPprint” to begin the printer.


When you are finished printing, open and close the HPPrintSoftware-XP.msx file.


Open any 3d printed object you want and print it out to your printer.