About Us

Welcome to the The Planner Emporium

My name is Sunny and I'm the artist and owner of the store that you see in front of you. My goal is to provide planners that suit you and your lifestyle. The Planner Emporium is your source of all you need when it comes to keepsake planners, memento books, printable planners, organizational kits or planner inserts. From everything you need to plan your perfect wedding and honeymoon, to keeping track of chores and groceries, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for. 


I believe that being organized is the key to success. It saves time, reflects professionalism and keeps me organized. The problem I had with existing planners is that they are either functional but plain or so frilly that I have nowhere to write. I wanted something that was eye-catching yet useful and I wanted to design more than just weekly planners and to-do lists. Here at The Planner Emporium, you'll find reading journals to track the books you've read, gift planners to write down potential presents for your loved ones, and other non-traditional planners in stylish, trendy designs.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your time shopping here at The Planner Emporium.