Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I know if my printer can print your planner inserts properly?
A: Try it out! I have sample inserts and templates available for free. These adhere to the exact same measurements as the inserts I offer in my shop and you can try printing them to test out your printer capabilities. You can download these sample inserts below:

A5 Sample Insert - for printing on A5 size paper
A5 Sheet Sample Insert - for printing A5 on letter size paper (trimming required)
Personal Sample Insert - for printing Personal size on letter size paper (trimming required)
Midori Sample Insert - for printing Midori size on letter size paper (trimming required)

Q: Do you have that listing in this size?
A: Unfortunately, if it is not listed within our shop then it is currently unavailable. However, this does not mean forever! I have many plans to convert my pages into different sizes. Keep checking back or let me know you're looking for it and I'll let you know if I have it on my to-do list.

Q: I can only view the first page of the PDF and the rest are blank (or black). Help!
A: Install Adobe Acrobat Reader here. After installing, restart your computer and open Adobe Acrobat Reader. Try opening your document within the program (not the web browser). If you continue to encounter problems, let me know.

Q: Can you make this planner (insert color here)?
A: I am not currently accepting custom color requests on any of my planner items.

Q: There's another shop called Notable Planners on Etsy. Is that you?
A: Yes, it is! Notable Planners is our newest collection of keepsake journals and memento planners. We decided to split it up into its own shop because we felt that it was special enough for its own set of branding and we wanted to make sure it stood out!

Q: I tried printing but it won't print properly.
A: Ensure that your printer settings are correct. You should be printing at 100% scale and "Actual Size". Ensure that your document is in the correct orientation (portrait or landscape). All my pages are double-sided printing compatible (unless otherwise stated), however some experimentation may be required to determine if your printer prints the back side by flipping on the short end or long end. If you are running into issues, let me know.

Q: Are you on any social media platforms?
A: Yes! Follow us on Instagram @theplanneremporium, or "like" us on Facebook! We're also on Pinterest.

Q: Why don't you offer refunds? 
A: I offer full refunds on digital purchases as long as no files have been downloaded. The instant download function of my website allows me to view whether a customer has accessed the digital files. If, at the time of your refund request, the files have not been downloaded, I will honor a full refund. However, if any or all of the files have been downloaded, I will be unable to offer a refund. My refund policies are to protect me and my business, and I hope you can understand.

Customized items such as The Wedding Planner are non-refundable due to the individual uniqueness of each product that we send out. If you have any issues at all, please let us know, and we'll work with you for a solution!

Q: I have a suggestion for you!
A: I'm all ears! Send me a note here and let me know. I love to hear your suggestions!

Q: I'm a blogger/vlogger/youtuber and I want to review your product.
A: I'm always interested in meaningful collaborations, so let's discuss it further. Let me know here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.