Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs LG G6 vs Huawei P10 vs HTC 10 vs Huawei Mate 10: Which is the best smartphone?

The LG G5 is the biggest smartphone in the world right now and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the most popular smartphone in Japan.

However, we are only talking about the most recent year or two.

That’s the reason why we are ranking the smartphones in order of their market share.

The G5 and G5 Plus are the best smartphones in the Galaxy S series right now, according to our analysis.

Both of these devices are very fast and can easily handle demanding tasks.

They have great battery life and great camera performance.

They are also capable of playing the latest games.

The LG’s camera is good enough to be able to take high-definition video, while the G5’s camera can take selfies.

However if you are looking for an edge-to-edge smartphone, the Huawei P11 or Huawei P20 is a better option.

The Huawei P2 is a great alternative.

If you prefer a smaller phone, you can opt for the LG G3.