Why Trump should not be president: The facts and a solution

WASHINGTON, DC — President Donald Trump will have to work with congressional Democrats to overcome the growing divisions within his administration.

That’s the conclusion of an independent review released Friday, with the conclusion that the president has the power to take unilateral action on his own, but he should do so in a manner that keeps the public and Congress from having to make the same mistakes.

The report is the first attempt to analyze Trump’s role in creating the partisan divisions that are undermining his administration, the review said.

The assessment, released in partnership with the Center for American Progress, found that Trump has not acted effectively to resolve divisions within the administration.

It is the strongest assessment of the president in nearly 20 years of work with Congress.

The review said Trump’s handling of the White House’s investigation into the deadly attacks on police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge was an example of his “failed leadership style.”

The review noted Trump had already been blamed for the violence, but his response to the crisis was “unprecedented,” and he had to be forced to take action, the report said.

In response to that, the president ordered the dismissal of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was leading the probe into the events in Dallas.

Mueller was subsequently removed from the Russia probe.

Trump also failed to effectively address the fallout from the deadly shootings in Dallas, Baton Rouge and Minnesota, the study said.

Trump’s refusal to use the threat of military action against North Korea has not resulted in any meaningful change in the situation, and his response has not been effective in changing the trajectory of the situation.

The president’s administration has repeatedly said that it does not support military action.

It has instead used its powers to take a number of unilateral actions that the report described as “political theater.”

Trump’s actions, however, have exacerbated tensions and created a “distrustful climate” in Washington, the assessment said.

“Trump’s failure to lead on this issue has created a hostile work environment in the executive branch,” the report added.

“His failure to communicate clearly with Congress on the implementation of his policy has also created a distrustful environment.”

It is the responsibility of the President to ensure that he is acting with the confidence of Congress, and he should take the lead in implementing the policies of his Administration in a way that ensures the public’s trust and confidence in the outcome of this investigation,” the analysis concluded.

It is unclear how the president would use his power under Article II of the Constitution to remove Mueller, but the report says he would have to prove he has acted in the national interest.

Trump would have a “considerable amount of discretion” to dismiss Mueller, the analysis said.

The report did not indicate whether Trump would try to remove himself from the probe.

The findings come amid an escalating partisan crisis in the White Trump administration, which has seen members of Congress accuse the president of obstructing justice and taking political advantage of a political crisis.

Democrats are pushing for Trump to fire Mueller, saying he is too close to the Russia investigation.

Republican lawmakers have called for the appointment of a special counsel.

Trump has not yet responded to the report, which was issued as Democrats were staging a sit-in outside the White Capitol building to demand that Trump fire Mueller.

The president has said Mueller is not a credible person and has refused to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The White House is defending the president, saying the president was not responsible for the protests.

The White House said the president is not aware of the analysis that is being released.”

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We believe that President Trump can and should take steps to fix this.”

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Fox News’ Adam Housley contributed to this report.