Bitcoin miner shares slump after bear paw print on rollo label print

A bear paw printing company is offering a discount to users who buy a rollo print of Bitcoin on its website.

Bitcoin miner and bitcoin ATM provider RolloLab has launched a discount code to help with the price of the print.

Users can use the code to buy a 1 bitcoin rollo at a discounted price, which will result in a $1 discount on the $5 print.

The rollo is sold on a rollover basis to users with a valid email address.

Users who purchase a roll on rollover can save $5 by redeeming the code on the rollover service.

Users with a Bitcoin wallet address can redeem the discount code on a wallet address, as well, and receive a $5 discount on a $10 roll.

The rollover discount is available to users worldwide and is a welcome one, according to Rollo Labs founder and CEO Scott Miller.

“It’s been a rough couple of weeks for bitcoin, and it’s great to see Bitcoin continue to grow,” Miller told Bitcoin Magazine.

“We have seen bitcoin prices crash, but I think bitcoin is still a very exciting and potentially lucrative asset class to hold.”

RolloLab currently operates five Bitcoin ATMs in the US and is looking to expand into other markets.

It plans to launch a roll over service in the coming months.