Apple iPad Pro review: ‘An incredible value’

Apple’s latest tablet, the iPad Pro, has become one of the best value offerings in its category.

The iPad Pro’s $399 price tag is a staggering $350 less than its predecessor, the $499 iPad Air.

That’s a $100 price difference, and it’s even more significant when you factor in the 16GB of RAM that the iPad Air has.

But it’s worth noting that the iPhone XS Max has the same RAM as the iPad Pros, so the iPhone will still be worth $600, or roughly the same price as the new iPad Pro.

The only thing you’ll be paying more for is the camera, which Apple calls the “S” model.

We’ve written a lot about the camera here at Ars, but we’ve also written about the iPad camera, so you can find that article here.

You may be wondering why Apple hasn’t offered a 16GB iPad Pro for sale.

Well, Apple has.

The company has said that it doesn’t have the space to sell 16GB iPads at this point, so if it does, it will offer an upgraded model at a discounted price.

If you want one, Apple is offering a free one for all Apple customers who preorder the new iPads.