The new office depot printer that has a price tag of $5,500

Recode – The Office Depot printer that costs $5.5 million is going to be printed on the assembly line, with a price of $4,500.

The printer, which has a 3D printed body and can print in any color, can be assembled on-site at the factory, and then delivered to an individual customer’s home or office.

The company will make about 3,000 printers, which will then be used to print the next batch of Office Depot orders.

The cost of the printer is $5 million.

The new printer is expected to have a 3-D printed exterior, a 3d printed back plate, and an aluminum extruder.

It’s going to have an internal cooling system to prevent overheating and a thermal paste.

This will prevent the printer from overheat and prevent it from being damaged.

The first batch of office printers are expected to be produced in 2020, and the next batches will be manufactured in 2021.