What is a “transmutation” and how does it work?

A transmutation is a process that allows you to transform a substance, such as water or oil, into a new form, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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The Globe and Mail has received information from a source who wished to remain anonymous.

A CBC spokesperson confirmed to the Globe and Post that the network has reached out to CBC News about this story.CBC News was unable to independently confirm the authenticity of the CBC source’s information.

The CBC spokesperson said: “CBC News and our Newsroom team are aware of this story and have reached out directly to the source to confirm their information.”

A source told the Globe that a transference of water could result in a new oil-like substance that can be dissolved in water and re-used.

This substance is then sent through the water pipe and is absorbed by a person or animal.

In some cases, the transference is done in a laboratory or laboratory settings.

In other cases, it’s done by hand, said the source.

The source told CBC News that a lot of the time, people are experimenting with transference by pouring water over their hair and hair products and then drying it off.